Update from BS3 to BS4 in HTML and custom CSS files ...

So I get that it may not be easy to do this, or might not seem useful, but .... right now I'm actually contemplating never rewriting any default CSS and literally creating all my own classes to override styles because there is so much work still involved in upgrading from BS3 to 4 in our custom css files. Yes I can kind of do search and replace all specific things, but I can't even find a find/replace setup in the CSS window, it seems to only apply to the HTML window.

So, it seems that only the default CSS file is updated when we upgrade from 3 to 4. Since it's making a copy, what have we got to lose if it updates classes and ID's within the HTML and our Custom CSS file, or even give us the option to put a check next to the files we want to include in the upgrade? Since we have the original still intact, we can always go back and do it manually if it isn't right, but I'm guessing the parts that might not be right will be fewer than the parts we have to manually do now.

My example here is the pain in my arse with changing one simple little Panel to Card, so many little places I have to change it, yet if the upgrade searched specific files for the new changes as well, it may save us a lot of work.

I'm willing to help test this theory if you need a tester for it, but I'd really love it if it went a little further than it's going for the upgrades.

Once again thanks for any consideration you can give to this.

Would be nice if we could alter the component names in the Overview tree when we do an upgrade as well since it remains as Panels there and I see no way to change that. It's correctly updated in the code, just the component names there aren't correct anymore and should be updated.

P.S. Sorry I'm so late to this game of upgrading, I've not really had a chance to play around with it all that much and the times I did, it was too overwhelming when I saw how much had to be done. Today I had some time on my hands and thought I'd give it a shot with one of my donated sites. Hence all these posts on it. :)

When building the Bootstrap 3 to 4 converter, we investigated whether it would be possible to rewrite css in an automated way. The bad news is that it isn't. There are too many ways people write their code. So we decided that it would be best to not touch CSS at all. This means that upgrading from 3 to 4 will still take manual work, but at least our converter saves quite a bit of effort.

You can safely keep using Bootstrap 3 though, it will forever be part of Bootstrap Studio. A lot of people still use it and we will always want users to be able to open their old designs.

I am adding that Panel issue to our todo, it appears to be a bug. Thank you for catching it!

Thanks for the info Martin, sure wish there was a way, but I do understand. Glad the panel will be checked on too. :)