Update/Refresh Imported Files


I need a way to update/refresh imported files. I'm working on some files on an another IDE, to add custom CSS faster (emmet, etc...)

So, I want the changes made on the other IDE to be reflected here. Right now I have to delete and the import the file again which is super inefficient.

enter image description here

NOTE: Adding on the header wont do, because it gets added after the main "styles.css"

No way to update his unfortunately unless you manually refresh yourself.

Bellevue that if you link to a css file or ja file via cdn then it would update.

Ps - this app already supports animate.css so unless your doing something differently take a look In the rh menu options panel

Thanks Chris, that sucks, this would be great to have..

Did you try closing and reopening the project? App? would be faster and more efficient I think than having to delete and reimport. Not a lot, but less hassle I guess.

I think being able to rewrite over same files would be good In this instance at least.

By then why not do your css changes in this tool instead of other tool?