Update to 4.0.2 has broken file [fixed in 4.0.3]

I recently updated to v4.0.2 and after reloading the application, some of my project files are broken.

When I load the file, my homepage design is blank. I can see the components in the left explorer but the source shows no content between the body tags.

Any ideas?


Hello, and welcome to the forums! I am sorry that you've run into issues with our latest update. Can you send me the bsdesign file that fails to open to our email address (you can see it on our contact form)? This will help us fix any bugs in Bootstrap Studio and I might be able to repair the file.

This should be fixed in version 4.0.3 that was just released. Once you have a chance, can you try if it works for you?

Excellent. The update has solved the issue. Many thanks :D