Hey just reporting that the update today has caused my program to crash. Please be more careful.

I've got like 5 BSD's open, lots going on. I hit save and she turns white.

I've lost 10 minutes of changes (which is a friggin lot of work).

Please fix / be careful! Cheers.

Sorry to hear you've run into problems with the update! If you manage to find which the offending bsdesign file that has caused the crash is, can you send it to our email? It will help us a lot in fixing the issue. Also, were you using the new folder functionality when the crash happened?

Hey Martin,

I didn't want to update today, I wanted to keep on working! :)

So, it went white. I re-started the program. The program was hanging in my task manager btw, and wouldn't re-open until I closed it from there.

It said an update was available, please restart BSS to get it. I didn't. I wanted to keep working! :)

Hit save a little while later and it went white. I press CTRL+S a lot. ALOT.

Restarted BSS again, keepin' on working. Seems fine now. Seems related to a server side signal for update status? I haven't yet used the folder option (but am sure glad it's here :)

Cheers mate.

Again just now :(

Crashes hurt man.... :'(

Did it crash when you edited the same design? If this is the case, could you send the bsdesign file to our email?

Yeah it was the same design. Stability seems to be back, actually.

I had a pending Windows update that also has busted my Chrome. Had to re-install that.

I can't send the BSD :(

Occurred again.

I tried saving and it went white screen.

I restarted BSS and it tells me a new version is available.

Seems to be linked to your update push system.


It happened again! And again, another update. Please look in to this asap...

Two crashes already this morning :(

Super annoying.

hi, it happened to me too this morning... is this bug fixed? :(

It's not a bug as far as we have seen so far Selenibia, trying doing what Andrew has been doing and see if the reinstall, clean reinstall fixes your situation. I haven't seen any posts from Andrew on it so I'm not sure if he's fixed or not yet, but I know he did all these things from what's been posted so far.

No it's not yet fixed.

I've done all the instructions, it still crashes. :(


At this point I'll have to start looking at other software. I've crashed probably 10 times today, it's not even 2pm.

I can't even get an official response from the devs to ACKNOWLEDGE the problem. I've taken the steps to fix the issue, it's still crashing. It crashes on new BSD files as well.

Hiya Andrew,

At the risk of probably sounding like the typical broken record of trouble shooting. Have you tried booting it up in safe mode (assuming you're on Windows that is) to see if it might possibly be something else you are running that is conflicting with it? If you're on Windows, try doing that with booting up without all the background stuff running and see if it does it then. If not then try starting up things one at a time and rinse and repeat giving each option a little while to see if it's going to crash before adding the next one. I know that's back to the basics for some things, but with not many others experiencing this issue (not sure how many users there are so it really does depend on that too. If there's not a lot of users, then 2 is a lot of problems, if there are 50+ users on Windows and only 2 have issues that we've seen so far, then that says something else is causing it to me).

Not sure if that helps at all, but it can't hurt to try right? It's a great app and I'd hate to see you have to change to something else because of these crashes, but I certainly couldn't blame you if the app is to blame, best to be sure though before you go through the hassle of trying to find something else this good.

Hey Jo, I'm very sure this has something to do with fetching updates from your server.

I'm going to block it's ability to receive updates by blocking it in Windows firewall, and see if that helps. I've got lots of work to do in BSS today, I'll share my results.

Thanks for your customer service, it's appreciated.

Good luck on it Andrew, and by the way, I am just a member here lol, I don't work for BSS, I'm not that knowledgable by any means! lol

Ha oh snap. Maybe they should think about offering you a customer service role lol.

Yeah I'm just trying to help improve the software I love. Freakin' LOVE this program.

Yeah I know what you mean, it's a pretty awesome piece of software. You may want to save your stuff and update, but that's up to you. Looks like the release just happened this morning to 2.4.

First crash of the day.... Better go make a coffee..

If these crashes persist after a reinstall, there could be some underlying issue that we aren't aware of. If possible, can you try opening the bsdesign file you are working on, on another computer's Bootstrap Studio?