Upload dates for Online Components [added in 4.4.3]

Could we get upload dates for the online components? There are getting so many with the same names or similar and no way to know which one is the latest version if they don't add something to say it's an update, and they definitely don't always do it. This way we could at least tell which one was done last.

For instance, I like this Apple nav, posted by a couple people, but the same person has the same one listed multiple times with the same name and although the description is different by a few words on a couple of them, nothing says which is the latest and greatest so I have no clue which one is the better one or more complete one or just the most recent one. Just a thought and hopefully something doable soon.

Thank you for the suggestion! When you hover over a component and the tooltip with the photo shows up, you can click the Comments link to open a dialog with more information. The upload date is displayed there, but this a bit cumbersome.

In one of our next releases we will add the date in the tooltip, which will make it easier to discern which component is more recent.

Awesome, that would be great Martin, Thanks!

Just to let you know that we added this in Bootstrap Studio 4.4.3.