uploading bootstrap studio project on my server (not bootstrap server)

Good morning, I can not upload my bootstrap studio project on my server (not bootstrap server). Here are the files I exported to my computer: Assets + 3 more html files of my project. Once these files are on my server, my index.html page does not point to the style sheets or any other pages. I can not find any tutorials on this subject. Could you give me the procedure for uploading correctly with ftp to server. Thank you in advance

You upload the files exactly how they are exported, and you upload those to your main HTML directory if the site will be the main one linked to the domain. What's your site URL?

Hello and thank you for your help, www.guygonzalez.fr I uploaded the files to the server as they were exported, but they don't seem to point to the assets files.

Maybe this can help, I get this message when I click on html page on the local server: [Error] Not allowed to load local resource: file:///Users/guygonzalez/Sites/site_grand_gravillac/assets/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.bundle.min.js.map [Error] Not allowed to request resource [Error] Cannot load file:///Users/guygonzalez/Sites/site_grand_gravillac/assets/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.bundle.min.js.map due to access control checks.


I found my mistake. My domain was pointing the wrong file. Thank you for looking at my problem Regards

Haha don't you just love it when you find your mistake after someone offers to help and they didn't have to do a thing! LOL. Glad you got it worked out, have fun!

Happy to have solved my problem of course and glad to see that someone (you this time) looked at it to help. Therefore, I thank you for it, have a nice afternoon :)