Uploading to a different test/production server

I have used Bootstrapstudio for a couple of days and seems to be a very interesting tool. When I want to test my designs, I would like to test/deploy them not only on local on at the bss.design site but on our servers. Our main job is to develop html templates and each of them is hosted on a different subdomain (just the way bss.design works). It would be perfect if we can set our own address for each of the designs we make.

You can set any address you want, because it's you upload it yourself after export. You have the ability to test them via upload to BSS servers, but the actual permanent parts you will need to upload to your own servers manually. Export your files and upload them where they need to be and you're all set. I don't know if they plan to add any type of FTP setup within BSS for us to upload directly to our servers. It's been brought up a few times and discussed, but I don't believe the outcome was promising so I would say get used to the export/upload setup and you'll be fine. If in the future they do add an FPT setup, then well... it will be a bonus! lol