Url images not being exported using .scss and "Skip unused images" selected.

So I recently moved my sass development to Bootstrap Studio and noticed when using .scss files that url(file.jpg) images do not get exported when "Skip unused images" is selected. I have tested "Skip unused images deselected" and this works fine. I have also tried various other methods like setting a path url(#{$assetPath}/file.jpg) and nothing else seems to work? Any suggestions will be appreciated as I like this feature with .css?

[ My sass file as follows: ]

<h1>resource-image {</h1>

width: 100%;
height: 100vh;
background:url(staff-resource.jpg) center / cover no-repeat;


I have tested and can confirm that if "Skip unused images" is selected images are not being exported when using .scss.

Thank you for reporting this! I can confirm the issue. We will fix it in the next release.