URL path/structure

When using Bootstrap Studio hosting, are all files in one directory/folder? Can you make sub-folders? Is it possible to organize pages to create a path, i.e.,
…or does it require a work-around and/or script?

You can make subfolders in all the main folders shown in the Design panel (except for fonts) but you can still only import files supported by Bootstrap Studio. Just right click the parent to see the options (for example Styles > New > Folder)

Oddly, this information is not mentioned anywhere in the Docs. The devs should probably consider adding it.

Thank you. I had a feeling it was something obvious that I was overlooking.

Once the subfolders are made and files moved accordingly, looking at … Pages>Properties>SEO - Main
the URL does not automatically update the new Path.
Is that changed in the Head Content?

The SEO settings have nothing to do with your folder structure. The URL you see there is just a simple example for visual reference, to give you an idea of what your site will look like in the search results.