Use of Bootstrap

I am new to Bootstrap and I am a novice HTML/CSS coder. Is there someone out there that is very knowledgeable of Bootstrap that is willing to do a one on one knowledge transfer on how to use the program?

Have you looked at the demo / tutorial section? There is a very good video

Yes I have. It was able to help me out quite a bit but understanding a few other things are frustrating that aren't in the videos. I will just keep troubleshooting. Thanks.

It would help if you can list what you need help with. That way people (like me) can help with incremental snippets of info.

I appreciate your help. So one thing I can explain and hopefully you can help. In the program I am uploading my HTML and CSS it is very tricky. I can't have any attribute coding in the HTML. It all has to be in the CSS. In the HTML I reference the DIV ID that is in the Advanced CSS. There are specific areas for the Top, Side and Bottom HTML.

This is a specific reference to what I have to put in the Top HTML:

div id="client-header-wrap"> div id="client-header-inner"> a href=""> a href="" class="button">Help a href="" class="button">Benefits a href="" class="button">About Us /div> /div>

I had to delete all the < from the front beginning of each line and ending to make it show up. Is it possible to have all of the HTML reference the DIV in the CSS? I am going to have columns with text and hyperlinks in a container that I need this to work with.This is the only way I can think of to make it work properly. Thanks.

Yes you can reference the divs you have created in the css.

At bottom of screen you will see the words HTML and CSS , if you drag the window or double click just left of the words the code window will pop up and show you an editor page. You will also notice and attribute panel where you can add class names and ids for divs - you can also add more attributes too.

But once in have added your class name - you can create a new entry in the css panel. But default all design have a css you can add custom css code too. Simple click the 'create' button and t will add the class / id to your custom css and you can manually applied the styling you need.

Does the above make sense?

It does. That was explained in one of the videos on how to make the custom CSS. Thank you for your help. I think I am just going to have to keep playing with it. Thanks.

Ok. This is a perfect example. Can someone PLEASE look at this link?

See how it has the HTML and CSS different. That is how I need it from Bootstrap. Just like what it is on this site. Can someone tell me how to export exactly like this?

Another thing I can tell you is that I am using the regular navbar with the MUSA_navbar in the top and I have two footers that are coded differently that I am needing to export. Note I have created them together and tried to export and use the HTML and CSS Files and created them separately and tried to export and use the HTML and CSS Files with no avail.

Anyone who has a lot of experience that could possibly screen share and call me so we could talk, I would be very grateful for the transfer of knowledge! I am starting to panic over a deadline I have an this isn't working as I need it to. THANKS!!!!!

@sheuerman Thanks for describing your problem! It looks like you are running into issues that have to do with HTML/CSS, but our forum is focused on discussing Bootstrap Studio related topics. Maybe a good tutorial on front end or web development in general would be more helpful to you.

I have watched the videos and unfortunately that hasn't worked. I understand what your saying but exporting from Bootstrap in the way I need should be related to the forum. Is there any way to help me? Thanks.