use same preview port each time.

Per the draft spec, browsers isolate LocalStorage values based on scheme + hostname + unique port (also known as an HTML5 Origin). Thus, when using the preview feature of Bootstrap Studio and having a random port assigned, my local storage is lost. It would be nice to have the same port used, at least per project.

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+1 it sucks having to email out the new port when i restart the app.

If this would keep from having to turn on the Preview option every time I open the app that would be a +1 for me too! If not then, well I suggest that as well! :)

Hi All, Crikey, First post and I'm having a moan.

Well I am disappointed, Here I see a realistic Feature request and yet I see no effort has been made to offer or fulfil it. I know everyone has a busy life but it is not possible for someone to dedicate 1 hour to adding a Checkbox and Port Number Field to an existing form. It is failings like this that make open source projects shine against closed source ventures.

And where did all the line feeds go in this Post?

With that being said, I love the IDE so far with exception of some BUGS and niggles. I wonder if there is any chance for BUGS to be ironed out in a speedy manner.

(like editing the text, Highlight all text, delete, now start typing the new text. Just me or a problem.?) Ok I just tried it again and could not replicate the issue, but hey not all bugs wear sunglasses.

how's it looking, any hope for a Static preview port.? Hv.

There was another discussion in the forum about static preview ports, and we promised that we will implement it after Bootstrap 4 ships. We haven't forgotten about this - it is even in the roadmap for 4.1. As for the bugs, we fix them as soon as we hear about them. Be sure to report any issues that you notice.

Hi Martin.

Thanks for the heads-up. As this thread started over a year ago one has to wonder on the value assigned to static preview ports. I write software and find it takes less time to make a change than it does to read the posts requesting it. I guess this concept of rolling updates has not filtered thru yet. Hey, here's an idea, Woosh, there it is.

Just me or do others think the same way.?

Oh, Type in a URL into a Link, click to select Blank target and the list is empty, you need to click a second time to find the options.

Where do all the line feeds go when I edit a forum message.? And why does the forum display not text wrap complete words.



ALthough I realize you aren't even using the app according to your other posts, I'll answer this part anyways since others will read this and think you are right in that it takes a year to answer things or get things done all the time.

This is definitely not the case. If you noticed here, the Dev that did answer you said straight out that it would be "after" the Bootstrap 4 release. That release took some time as it was a lot of changes to Bootstrap that had to be handled as well as adding in not just the Bootstrap 4 but the ability to still use bootstrap 3 and the ability to convert your Bootstrap 3 site to Bootstrap 4. So, with all that in mind, that is a lot of changes and programming needing to be done, and that takes time. As a programmer you must work with a very small company that makes one or 2 items if you can do instant updates just like that all the time. I've never once in my life using any software (and I use a lot of different software) found a single company that has done instant updates all the time. So, Kudos to you if you can do that! This was practically a rewrite and a very complicate one at that, so ... yeah I'm sure you get the idea.

As for BSS 4 it was just recently released so we probably will see many new features being added now that it's finally released and once the bugs for this release are ironed out.

Again, I know you aren't even using the app anyways, but this is for those that are reading this thread so they understand how the real world of software updates works. :)

@Jo. Thanks for the information. and the kudos. I guess I have a different approach to software. If you were to tell me about any issues or feature requests in any of the software I write, I would do it as soon as I could. also I tend to attempt to find and fix any bugs or niggles found during my own use of the software I write before release. Who knows if I will be hit by a bus tomorrow,? So I do it now just in case.

However I should say that I do not currently work in a team environment, where meetings, discussions and lots of note taking take precedence over getting it done.

But I have no idea of the environment that BSS is developed in, so I can only give details of my own situation or experiences rather than guessing at the endless possibilities of others.

Agreed, no way to know what the work load of another company or group may be. I'm pretty sure they have a group of devs working on this, at least I assume so smiles. Either way though, just wanted to point out that with BSS4 released, we should start seeing new things soon! :)

Not sure if a "Group of Devs" always indicates better. I know some one person companies that do everything themselves and they seem to be much more fluid in their approach to things.

But like they say, the bugs of today are yesterdays errors and tomorrow is what dreams are made of.