Useful (Free/Open Source) Apps for webdesign

ok so the colors are “somewhat” right (partly my fault there), but the npm file is still messing with my structure. Here’s some SS to show what it’s doing: (keeping in mind I’m on a Mac if that matters)

This is what it should look like:

This is what it looks like:

I know i have some colors mixed up that I’m going to go fix now (had some other custom colors in there that I probably don’t need now which are missing from the files now so that’s on me yet lol)

Just an update that all is well! TYTYTYTYTYTY!! :heart:

I had to add the color setups to my colors file to declare them (not sure why since they were in the new theme, but it made me do it so I did. I fixed some color issues that I knew were there and once I did all that it’s all working now! Yaaaaay I can’t thank you all enough!

Excellent :slight_smile:
Was that using the npm bootstrap.css?

you don’t need to run the npm start command
just change your colours/variables in _variables.scss and then npm run dist

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A lot of resources here… Talking about design (for both desktop and Web in my own case), I like this tiny free desktop tool called PMeter: Pegtop PMeter which provides a color picker (taking any pixel on screen) and a rule (to see if things are aligned or how many pixels there).