User custom template designs

If users could save their own custom finished templates so when creating new designs, users can start with their own templates where the BSS templates are on load.

That's an idea I like.

I don't know... I thought this was already doable.

Sure, usually you create a project and see it through to completion. But what is stopping you from not completing a project and just saving it at the abstract state you want to start from?

Am I missing something? this is already available as far as I know.

Maybe I should have been more specific. Yes that can be done if you keep your projects saved and accessible. I use BSS on my laptop and main PC so I would have to copy those from one to the other to use the saved finished projects. If our own saved templates could be linked to our accounts so that they would sync between installed devices.

It would also be cool if we could create templates and share them with other BSS users, like we can do with Library components.

Major Bump lol

+1 to both the components and templates being able to be synced between devices.

I just got home from an extended month and a half that I stayed in Wisconsin with my son. I "thought" I had brought everything I needed in order to continue working for my clients when I was gone, but ... imagine my horror when I opened BSS to see I had NO custom components in my list at all! Well needless to say, a lot of client work had to be put on hold for a month and a half while I was away. I save a lot of components for reuse to make things go faster for my clients to save me time, which saves them money. Thankfully none of the updates needed "had" to be done before I got home so I was lucky there.

So ... we definitely need to be able to sync our saved components to other devices. In my case between my iMac computer and my Windows laptop so they do have to be multi OS compatible as well.

I am also all for the ability to be able to create templates and share them between us like we do components. I personally don't want to have to go through that components list to find templates vs. components so hopefully we can get some categorization going that doesn't entail only using searches.


+1 I really love this idea. That would be cool!