User setting for install/uninstall of snippets from undo-function

Sometimes, on testing online snippets, it is really unhandy, that undo (ctrl+z) is uninstalling the snippets. Maybe it would be a good idea to give this as a setting, so that this behavior can be individually set. So some reason, it could be helpful to undo adding snippets to the project, but keep the installed snippets...

I would have to agree here that it would be very nice to "not" have the Library (which is what I'm assuming you mean by "Snippets") included in the basic editing functions of the site. There are times when you want it, but it should be a separate entity from the basic site editing undo/redo system. Note: My comment only surrounds the Components pane, not the Design pane. The design pane should always be included, but the installations of a component should not be affected when I'm trying to remove something from my site page.

I agree, adding history entries as a result of changes in the Component panel causes problems. We did it to let users undo things like deleting a custom component by mistake.

But now that I think about it, I think we can do something better. When a component is deleted, instead of adding a history entry to the design, we can just show a notification for a few seconds which undos the action when it's clicked. We can do this in one of our next updates.

Sound great. Question though. The components will still be in backed up project files right? If so, then this will be perfect. As long as people are backing up their files, they can always get something back from a previously saved project if they change their minds after deleting one.

Not sure what I was thinking when I was talking about backups. Hmm ... there is a dilemma here then because we cannot really back up the app itself or more precisely the Components list (only those we installed, not the online components). Can we possibly add a way to do this so that if we delete something along the way that we didn't think we'd use so we can get it back via old backup files?

I know I'm reaching here, because it would need to be able to open a separate entity of the backup so we can grab what we wanted from it. We wouldn't want it to restore the entire thing as we'd lose anything new we added since then. Even if it saved them as separate little files for each of them that would be fine, but there should be some kind of backup for these since they are not really part of any project and you cannot restore any of them after you have deleted them (other than undo).

Just a thought to mull around a bit on.

We don't have this type of backup planned, but you can export all components manually at the same time. Just click the first and shift+click the last to select them all, then Right Click > Export. They will be written as separate files.

Ah ok well then that solves that issue completely! I didn't realize we could do that even. That works better than anything else I could think of because we can export them before we delete any major ones in case we want them back. Thanks!