User shared templates

Can a "User shared templates" page be on ?

Is this an idea, help and how to, or a bug?

If it's an idea, then how can a question be an idea? Otherwise, perhaps you have posted in the wrong section.

Either way, I don't believe that anyone, including me, understands the question, or for sure you would have had an answer by now.

Please try again and in the appropriate section, or follow this post with your idea.

Can a “User shared templates” page be on ?


Admin calm this guy down!

Please explain your idea. How does this work? We are able to share components. How would this improve what is already available?

I believe that what's in place with shared components is not only adequate, but the best solution.

If this is what you are talking about:

... then yes, this has already been submitted as an idea; and we all agree that it is a good idea (maybe)?

The templates that have been shared are not all that great, honestly, for the most part.

I would expect that (without some kind of serious controls in place) a template sharing area would soon turn into a playground for spam and viruses.

The templates that have been provided with BSS are few. The upside is that, quite possibly, more websites created using BSS are going to be unique and not so "bootstrapesque".

A lot of people on this forum create and sell websites. A lack of templates or template availability is actually in a way a benefit.

I believe that the developmers have thought this request through; this idea has come up multiple times.

How is your idea any different?

Who is going to pay for it? Where is the money and management going to come from?

How would you manage this "free template sharing area" (as one of the developers) without losing some amount of focus on application development?

Lastly and probably of utmost importance as an idea posted in the application improvement idea section: "How does this 'idea' improve the application?".

I submit that while it is an idea, it is an idea that is not directly (other than the idea of possibly being able to access your files from anywhere PRIVATELY) related to the improvement of the application.

The sharing of templates on "" does not seem to be a very good idea, imo. Maybe social media would be a better fit.

I don't know; I'm not on facebook, etc. ...ymmv.

If you do have this super-duper world-must-have template don't be discouraged. Submit it to devs with no-strings-attached, and perhaps if it's really that good, it could show up as one of the available templates available inside BSS.

Perhaps you can even get hired directly, solely to create templates for BSS.