[v.4.1] H1 with nested 'custom code' is absent on preview and in exported code

I've just received the update for Bootstrap Studio from the last 4.0 to 4.1.0 version and caught a bug with my design file in the new BS version. In my design I have H1 heading with nested 'custom code' elements (one, two, three, ... doesn't matter how many). The mentioned structure was correctly presented on preview and in exported code in 4.0.x, but after I've received v.4.1.0 update the mentioned structure is broken on preview and in exported code. I've found workaround to 'solve' the problem - convert the whole such heading structure to the 'custome code' element, but it only workaround.

Source code in Bootstrap Studio design file (in 4.0 version I have the same structure in browser):

'custom code' which contains: <span>Some text #1</span>
'custom code' which contains: <span> · Some text #2</span>

In 4.1.0 version instead of source code I have the next code in browser and in exported code:


Please, fix it in the next update of BS. Thanks.

P.S. I've used the 'custom code' instead of 'span' only cause I need to use the ' · ' as part of 'span' content. May be you can suggest the better way to put the ' · ' inside 'span'?

Update. Forum editor don't save the native html as text, so ‘ · ‘ in my post equals:


Sorry that you've run into issues with 4.1! Can you send us the bsdesign file (or if it is not an option - a similar file that shows that problem) to our email address? It will help us fix the issue faster.

You can see our email here: https://bootstrapstudio.io/contact-us

Hi Martin Check your inbox, I've sent the sample file.

Thanks for the really fast bugfix with 4.1.1! The bug is fixed now.