Version 2.4.2 is here!

I am happy to share that version 2.4.2 was just released! It brings the long awaited Export Dialog, which we think is a great improvement. It remembers the export paths of each design, supports minifying your CSS and JS, and can include the CDN versions of jQuery, Bootstrap and the icon fonts to make your websites speedier.

We also added the ability to configure an Export Script. This can be a script written in bash, powershell, node.js or a different executable file. It will be called every time you export your design. This way you can post process the code that Bootstrap Studio generates, move files around, upload your project automatically and a lot more. This is primarily made for developers, as it involves writing code, which is why it is hidden in the Advanced group in the dialog.

In addition, we updated the icon fonts and jQuery to the latest versions and fixed a few small bugs.

Looking forward to your feedback on the new export feature!

Congrats Martin on accomplishing the improved Export features, sounds wonderful.

Also looking forward to the:

  • More beautiful built-in components, and hopefully new templates.
  • Global meta tags, shared by all pages.

I really like the new updated look of the main BSS site as well. One night I even saw the forum looking different.

Keep up the good work Martin, thanks for all your effort with BSS.

Re updating of jquery - will this get updated on all designs created in the past if opened in the app again? Or does it only apply to designs created since this update?

No worries if not as can just update manually once exported but am curious to know either way

@BSS_User Happy you like our new site! Hopefully we will update the forums soon as well. I am also looking forward to the new features.

@Chris You don't need to do anything to use the new jQuery. Just export your design and it will be automatically included. We updated jQuery to 1.12.4, which is the latest 1 release. We don't have plans to migrate to 2 or 3 as they have breaking changes. We might make it a configuration option in the future, so you can decide which jQuery version you want in your project, similarly to what we will do with Bootstrap.

Thanks much Martin! I especially love the ability to set export locations for each project. That will be a major help (as well as a major life saver in making sure we don't accidentally overwrite a different project's files lol).