Version 5.7.0 is out!

Hey guys! We’re happy to say we just released version 5.7.0. Here’s what’s new:


  • Custom Options are here! You can define custom toggle and dropdown options on components that set class names or attributes. This way you can make your own powerful and reusable components. (check out the docs)
  • The Online tab now shows tabs which let you filter by Bootstrap framework.


  • Smart Forms now support redirects on successful submission and can have their text changed / translated.
  • The design panel shows icon badges next to hidden/excluded pages and resources to give a better indication of their status.
  • Head Content can now be placed Before or After the system content.
  • Charts now have options for changing the text style and color of the Title and Legend.
  • You can drop an image from the Design panel on top of an existing image on the page to change its source.
  • Custom Code editors opened from other pages now show the page name in the tab.
  • A new Font Style control with Bold, Italic, Underline and Strike buttons was added to the Appearance tab.


  • Minor bug fixes.

As always, we look forward to your feedback!


Congrats on the new release.

It looks like most of the 5.7 road map was touched upon but it’s hard to determine between the two threads if all is now considered complete?

Great updates, thanks much!!

thank you! great update :grinning:

Correct, 5.7.0 shipped everything that was planned for the 5.7 series. In the next few days we will share the roadmap for 5.8.0.

Thank you for this, and all the other improvements!

Thanks guys for a great update

It’s good, how about to do the same for the Scale Titles of the Axises, and maybe have a custom tick format.
I think many would have appreciated it

I just upgraded to 5.7.1

I love you guys for this update it gives alot for the users :heart_eyes_cat:

Could you include Bootstrap opening in the state it was when it was last closed? Window position(s) remembered, editor detached (if it was)?

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