Version 5.8.4 is out!

This is not supported yet, but we should have a component for it soon.


It would be possible to insert other forms of payment, such as PayPal Brazil, also other currencies, such as Brazilian Real BRL and the possibility of changing the texts ourselves, so we could translate them. There are people of different nationalities whose language is not English and the currency is not in the existing list.

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Awesome!! That and a filter option for the product component to be able to list certain groups of products per page would complete the project I’m working on. Maybe instead of a filter if we could select the categories currently created would work too. Loving it thus far, good work!!

Também me animei com a possibilidade das Lojas Virtuais, mas a falta de uma versão totalmente em português do Software, nos limita no desenvolvimento. Já foi feito uma pesquisa ou os criadores do Bootstrap Studio tem registro da quantidade de Brasileiros utilizando este programa?

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My “added to cart” popup text is white so you can’t read it. Is there a way to change its color?
I found that the Body of my page is locked and there is a rule <body class=“text-white-50”
I’m guessing this is the culprit, but not sure how to change.

Edit: It would also be nice if using a Dropdown menu for “Products” If the Dropdown button itself would link to a page. Well, It does have the option to assign a link, however it doesn’t work.
When I click the “Products” Dropdown, it only expands the dropdown. It doesn’t open the page that I have it linked to.
What I’m trying to do is have a products page that has all of the products. And I want that to launch when I click the dropdown button.
Or if I click the dropdown arrow, it would expand and show the other various products which I can click on to launch those pages.

Love the ecommerce addition you guys made in Reflowhq. Are there any plans to make this available in other languages than english or is this something I could do myself?

Read the forum before you will ask, please… Dont bloat our forum with answered questions.

They will implement multi-lang support in the future updates, Martin said it. Just read the forum before you will ask… Cause ur question was already answered…