Versioning and unused image skipping not working for links [fixed in 4.3.3]

Perhaps this is something I'm doing wrong, but I have some thumbnails on a page and each image is wrapped in a hyperlink so when you click on the image, it opens a full size version in a new page - pretty standard stuff.

Here's how my html looks:

<a href="products/microbat-boxes.jpg">
  <img src="products/microbat-boxes_sml.jpg" alt="Photo showing 4 microbat boxes" />

I'm having an issue with the new "Version assets" and "Skip unused images" features (both of which I like very much). They are not detecting the anchor link. So the image being referred to is not included in the export and also the href link does not get a versioned hash appended.

Also a couple of minor things with this site:

1) there's a typo in this text: "Before posting, please search trough our old posts" "trough" should be "through" - though a trough of old posts isn't a bad analogy :) haha

2) if you submit this form and there's an error (eg dont include a title) when this text field is redisplayed all the formatting, new lines etc are gone/