Very slow image picker

Hello, I have to report on a veeeeeery slow image picker after I wanted to update images for a Slider. It almost freezes for several seconds before scrolling-down or up ! This makes me very angry while trying to edit the Slider. Can you maybe try enhance the thumbnails use for the image picker ?

What size are your images? If you have extremely large sized (not just in measurements but file size) that will cause that issue with any site builder. You should most definitely work that out and see if that's youre issue and if it is, resize your images so they are the size you need instead of expecting the app to accommodate them.

If that's "not" the issue you may need to contact support for that as the users on the forum really can't help with issues that involve the app itself.

Hello Jo, Thanks for reply. I did not find an issue tracker for the app. And I didn't know this is the crowd-sourced forum where users help other users. I'll take a note, thank you ! But don't you think that the app should handle big files too? It is possible to create thumbnails from given images for the image picker to make it work with any sizes. Also there should be a final dialog offering different levels of compression or encoding if applicable, don't you think? Do you know how I can reach the support team anyway ?

points to the Contact Us button at the top right of the website and forums :)

It's not typical to use extremely large images for a web page unless they are an image of artwork or something that you need to have extremely clear, and even then they can be optimized quite a bit and still be very good looking quality wise. There is no other reason I can think of that you would need to use extremely large images in any website. Look at it from a mobile point of view which is where most traffic comes from these days in many sites. No one wants to load a 5 MB image on their screen on any page let alone multiple ones, when they are on their phones or tablets. It's just totally not necessary and not good protocol for web design.

Good luck with it and hopefully the staff can help you further, but if it's image size that is doing it, they are going to tell you the same thing. Reduce your image file size.

just a quick note, in western countries, the mean page size is already over 2MB and pages over 10MB are not unusual at all. Serving different, smaller images to mobile devices using picture and img tags is a good idea. See and the many articles on that topic. IIRC there was a discussion here too.

Thank you marrco and Jo for answers! Indeed, I agree that end files in the final build should be optimized for the web browsers for different devices... But if all people have to do this manually why not to automate the process in the app ? On the other extreme side, if I have to handle large files by myself, why not just build a website with bootstrap4 by myself ? You see where I'm leaning... But thanks for responses, I hope it might be helpful for someone else too

I know someone suggested it, an if I'm not mistaken (which I sure could be lol), I believe there is something in the works on photo editing or they definitely were considering it. Not 100% sure but it sounded like it to me. Won't matter to me, I'm of the mind that I don't use a wrench to cut paper, so in this case I wouldn't use a web design program to edit images. I've paid good money for my image editors and I plan to use them regardless of what they add in this app (which I really wish they would concentrate on the web design needs first which are many).

That is very smart to not use wrench to cut a paper! But there's also tons of wysiwig-s out there. But I'm not 100% sure, but it sounds like it to me. Probably I have to build yet another tool for yet another user who pays money for tools. Maybe you know also a tool to build several images optimized for multiple breakpoints as marrco mentioned ? You know, how Instagram uses it's srcset attribute for each , right ? Oh, but I'm not 100% sure this is the right place to ask. Thank you Jo, anyway your response is VERY useful!

To be honest there are so many image editing programs out there, both free and paid, that there should be something that does what you're asking and creates all of the views for you. I am old fashioned and like to make them myself so I know I'm getting what I'm wanting. I've had several image editing apps on my Mac over the years, but I just forget I have them lol. I just cleaned a bunch of them off about a week ago because I wasn't using them. I would suggest doing a Google search for Image Editors for whatever OS you are on and see what you find. There are a lot of sites out there that evaluate them, rate them, review them, etc. that helps a lot in finding things like this as well. No shortage of them that's for sure, just not sure which (if any) would create multiple image sizes at once, but I would think there's one that does it.

One nice little work around is if you find yourself a batch image editor (many out there) and what you do is take the first step and resize a bunch of images manually one by one (unless they are all the same size to start with) and make them all the same size. Now use your batch image editor to resize the batch of images to the next size, and now do it again for the next size. This would save you some time and get you a bunch of images done at once. Just be sure you have an editor that can automatically apply filters and such like Sharpening or color enhancements if possible.