Video file containder

There is something important missing in the application: there is no Design Container for Video and other stuff ( there is JS, HTML, Image, Font, Styles only ). Image container does not accept video files extensions.

I need link a video by using Custom Code:

<div id="video-div">

Because I cannot select my video file from the current project library ( the Design containers tree ) I cannot Export my site with attached video file pointed by src in <video> tag. You have to add container for unusual stuff ( like video, audio , etc ) that give ability to link this file end export project with this asset.

Yes I agree, we've asked for this before too. We need a way to import things like Videos, Audios, PDFs and I'm sure a handful of other types of files that are needed.

Jo, do you have an approach on how to create links to files that don't exist in the project? Do we make dummy links to folders/files that will exist in the website?

It all depends on if it is something I "have" to see visually in the page. If not then I use relative URLs and I upload the files to the location they will be at. Then when I export the code the files are where they should be etc.

If I "have" to see the item in the page, then I finagle it a bit by adding the files to the trees that I can, such as the CSS and JS and images (mostly for galleries I was doing this). Then I reference the rest in the custom code box by using the absolute URLs.

If it's something like referencing PDF's, Videos, Music files etc., then depending on the amount of PDF's being reference I will usually use relative URL's and upload the PDF's or videos or music files etc. that I need to where they need to be when the site is live. Once exported, then once again the code will find them just fine.

I do a lot of PDF's for church sites as well as MP3's for the church site's Sermon recordings and such, dozens at a time usually. Since I've tested it all out and made sure everything I have works by using absolute URL's, I've then edited all them to be relative URL's and that way there aren't extra HTTP requests for a zillion files lol. IT works out just fine and since I can't see a PDF or sound file on the page it just puts a greyed out sound box or the PDF is just a link anyways. Not a big deal there either.

There are a multitude of ways that this can be manipulated depending on your circumstances, so I guess if you can give me a better idea of what you're trying to reference I may be able to help further. So far I've come to the conclusion that if it's something I've worked with long enough, and I know it works already, then I don't care if I can see it in the app. I can usually visualize it fairly well a to what it will look like, how much space it will take up and so on without having to see it. I guess I'm not that fussy lol.

Although I still DO want the ability to import other file types and create custom folders for them ourselves rather than always having to be within the assets folder.

try an iframe a bit outdated but it supports video, or object.