View Look & Feel of Custom Code items/pages

I would really love it if we could at least "see" what the settings are for things in the custom code. The HTML is able to show it as it is in the custom code, so it seems logical that the Look & Feel should be able to see the settings as well. Even if we cannot edit them and they are read only that's fine, but it sure would help with the myriad of custom code components that we borrow from others and want to edit the settings and have to use trial and error to find what part that Margin is on, or where that Padding is being added. Especially when some coders are like me and over code divs/cols/etc. lol.

Anyways, that's my request, to be able to "see" the Look and Feel settings of custom code items.

P.S. This would be only when clicking on lines in the HTML window. That would suffice for me just fine since the HTML window actually picks up all the custom code and displays it so we can see what it looks like.

A good example of why is with the Swipe Slider for BSS4. It's a pretty slick setup, but has a gutter on the sides I'd like to remove and some size items for things that I'd like to adjust. It's custom code. There area lot of custom code items that people share that are pretty awesome, I use them here and there, custom code doesn't scare me! hahaha. But it would be a whole lot nicer if we had more visual aids for it. :)

It's an interesting idea, though I'm not sure how the program could accomplish this, since the look and feel setting are CSS, and custom code is usually HTML. I suppose it might be able to pick up standard Bootstrap classes, but what if the custom code has inline styling? I think the only way the program would be able to recognize HTML and reverse it back to settings in the panels is if it's reading actual HTML created by the program. Pasting in snippets made outside of BS would probably be a real challenge.

Well what if we say "who cares about inline styling?" lol. Personally I see no need for it myself and have yet to use it in many years unless it came with a 3rd party component I was using and even then I clean it up whenever possible and put it into the CSS.

The thing is, the app already sees all the CSS in the HTML. When you click on any line at all in the HTML window, it will go to the CSS classs and ID's in the CSS window, that is associated with that HTML. It doesn't matter if it's built within BSS or if it's a Custom Code. So recognizing it isn't an issue I don't think. Inline code, I dunno, there's no way to test that to see if the app is reading that or not since we have no visual aids to help other than the CSS window, but I'd be happy to have it show us just the CSS in the files and not the inline.

If they could do that, and they told us it didn't include inline styling, that would be just fine because the inline styling is right there in front of our face so we can adjust what is needed there if we have to. For the rest it would still be a whole lot of help to see the settings of the Custom code in the Look and Feel window.