View Theme Changes with Settings in Sidebar

Hey how's it going people,

The software is great BUT It would be awesomer (Yep, I said with it lol) to have the settings/publish tab on the right side bar so we could see the changes that we make when choosing a theme.


+1 for awesomer!

But I'm not sure I understand the idea - You want to preview the different themes before choosing one?

  • Michael

Unless you mean you fully want to see this in "your" particular website, you can already view them very easily here:

I'd like to add on to this suggestion, which I would actually find useful myself too if they did what the OP suggested, and ask if we could get a link added to the Dialog window (whether it's a popup or a sidebar setup) to point to the link with a message to tell them they can view them there. Would save a lot of typing here :)