VIM as editor?

Hi, is it possible to use an external editor to edit HTML, CSS, Javascript? I would like to use VIM for this.

No you can't when it's a design file but after you have exported a design then you can do what you Like with the HTML after it's exported.

I'd like to see better integration with external code editors in future, like other tools have. Btw, i don't use vim but (on Windows and Linux) because of direct bootstrap code support (lint, snippets, autocomplete, ecc). ATM i export my sites and then modify before uploading, but that's not an optimal workflow because changes are not imported back in the project.

What changes do you make after exporting that can't be done within the app Marrco?

I can make all changes but it's not fast.

The code sections are much to small, hence I need to resize things over and over. I just want to have my editor on one screen, and BSS on the other.

VIM has so much editing power, if you are used to, I'm just 10 x faster with it.

Once you figure out exactly what it is you need (in other words, you're already exporting it to edit it etc.). Why can't you then make those changes in BSS so you don't have to do it over and over after that? Yes it's not as fast, but then it's only once not every single time you export.

Having said that, I totally agree that the app could use a whole lot more editing ease and a built in text editor would be a great addition.

@Martin: I know that you're trying hard to make this app usable to not only those of us that can code, but also those that don't have a lot of experience. That's all great and so on, but maybe adding these features as a toggle in settings for those of us that do code would be the answer? Put them in a special area with a warning to those that do not understand coding so they don't turn it on/off. This would give those of us with more knowledge of coding, more features to work with to make it faster and easier, while keeping it fully functional and usable to those that don't have a lot of coding experience.

This would also help you not go the way of the developers like CoffeeCup that have a tendency to have separate apps for experienced coders vs. drag and droppers. Would be nice to see a single app get all the features it needs, and we just pay a yearly fee for updates, with a switch for your experience level.

@Jo (not sure if you are answering me) It's not about that I can't do what I want. It's about, that I want to keep using my editor I use the whole day. I don't want to learn the other editor, workaround things for wich I have fast workflows etc. I want to use BSS to throw together my web-site and use VIM to edit the parts that are necessary.

Overall I think BSS shouldn't focus too much of creating a "good editor". There are thousands available, everyone has a preference and BSS wouldn't be able to make everyone happy. Just provide a simple and good interface and let people use whatever they like. Concentrate on those things that add value for creating BS bases web-sites. A good editor is not part of this.

Well I dont agree Robert. Internal editors are a very important part of web design software and apps such as Dreamweaver as well as online systems such as Wordpress and Joomla. Having good editing capabilities allows you to not "need" to edit externally and raises the worth of the app due to the overall usability of it.

Other than that your question had already been answered, but I was addressing your second post to clarify that although it may not be perfect, there is a way to stop having to edit after export on a continuous basis.

However, since I program in a lot of different systems, languages etc. using one editor instead of many integrated is just the preferred way for me. It's not about editing after export. I just want to keep things as simple as possible.

@hackers_84 this is an issue i also run into. But also adding js animations, testing scripts (cookie consent law) and adding php or testing a form action require to use an external editor. And sometimes you have to go back to BSS for other design issues, so you have to redo all changes when you re-export.

@Robert: Yes I understand, but not everyone uses that same work scenario, and hence why I suggested adding it as an "expert" based setting to be able to use an internal text editor on a more powerful basis. As I said, I for one am trying my best to use BSS as the only editor if at all possible, and so far so good. Not that I don't use external editors to edit the code I need for Custom Code blocks, menu areas, brainstorming etc., but in the end it always gets added into BSS so that I don't have to do it outside of the app after export. I don't believe we will ever be able to import it back in (well not in the same fashion as it was before as once you import a full site or page, it's all setup as Custom Code blocks, so that kind of loses the point of what you would use BSS for).

@Marrco: Adding JS, CSS, External Scripts, etc. can all be done within the app, but you are correct in that some things definitely need to be tested on a live site. That would be the purpose I think of the new Publishing feature that gives you that ability without all the hassle of exporting, putting files where you need them etc. I tend to just export it myself and upload the things I've changed only, but that's just me. Most basic script functions can be tested fully in the Preview window, but things that need interaction of course would not work there such as the Form actions and cookie scripts. Adding JS Animations I'm sure can be all done within the app and tested in the Preview window. What you may find though is that there will not always be a perfect visual look in the app for some things, and sometimes they overlap and get in the way of what you're trying to edit. I believe they are working on that part.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is guys is, if you're expecting this app to import websites that are not based on the BSS project file, that it most likely will not happen, which means exporting and editing then importing are not going to be possible while keeping the BSS project file intact. You can get away with that with CSS files and JS, etc. as they are imported complete files, but that's as far as you will be able to take it. I believe if they had intended to do that, it would have been designed that way to start with rather than having to recode the entire app to allow for that now? Just an assumption, but I think we're barking up a dead tree here if those are your expectations, but I do believe there are more editing capabilities in the works already. I just don't know that it will be integration with specific text editors. I can't imagine the number of text editors out there between Windows and Mac that they would be expected to have to accommodate. Quite a bit larger scope than what they have planned I'm sure.

P.S. For the sake of argument, I would love them to prove me wrong! :)