Visual bug in app preview - Mac Version latest

I finally narrowed down what's happening here, been maybe the last couple updates, but definitely since this last one for sure. I have not been in the app a lot so I apologize for this coming so late. Been doing other things than web design with company, house projects ect. so haven't done a lot of work slaps hands lol.

Anyways, there's a glitch which scared the crap outta me the first time it happened, but I "thought" it was a restart that fixed it, but it didn't, it's actually kind of strange.

I open a project and almost 100% of the time it will show up strange somewhere on the page. Not always the same type of strange (or it may be and I'm just not sure where the connection is. I'll include some screenshots so you can see what I mean. These are visual only, the pages come out fine, and you can usually fix the problem by stretching the page width wise just a little bit in the app preview. That usually makes it go away till you open another project (or close the same one and reopen it). It's messing with style looks and placements visually. Here's some examples: I'm doing these both in same project, but it's more than this project affected so it's not isolated to this one only:

Textual styles missing:

How it actually look when in browser preview or uploaded:

Footer styles missing or not correct:

How it actually look when in browser preview or uploaded:

Dunno what's happening, but at least I know it's not really there lol, just a visual thing, but very scary when you first see things and think you messed something up somewhere. Once you move the slider over though to widen the preview area of the page it goes away and doesn't return during that session.

Hope that helps and let me know if you need anything else.