WARNING !!! The postings that mention "RE**NT dot COM" are possibly malware ...

I guessing ... but the subject postings are likely bad stuff.

Norton identifies the "RE**NT dot COM" domain as an ***identity threat***. A quick Google search for the word that precedes ".com", shows nearly 300,000 results worldwide that appear to contain similar gibberish that shows up in the posts to our forum.

I would strongly advise that you do not open the postings or following any links associated with the posts.

The member that posted the trash may be unaware that his computer may have been hijacked. And the owner of the domain may also be unaware that the domain name is being included in the trash.

Note that I have tried to avoid mentioning the actual domain name by (hopefully!) disguising it with asterisks.

@Martin / @Gabriela ... please remove the trash postings and see if there is any way to filter out any future trash.

I realize that everything above is conjecture and I may be overreacting ... but better to be safe than sorry.


Seriously? You were silly enough to click the spammer's links?! shakes head lol.

In the meantime I guess I'm turning off all the new post notifications ... again ... sighs and I just got used to being able to do that again :/

@jo ... I may be dumb but i am stupid (did that come out right?).

In any case, I didn't follow any links ... nor did I open the postings themselves. I suspected there was a potential problem solely from the titles in the forum's list of threads. Those titles were totally non-BSS related. I determined that the postings were gibberish by using Chrome's "inspect" function to look at the HTML. Then I Googled the domain to see if there were any complaints out there in the internet. Norton Safe Search flagged the search result for the domain and the Google list of hits was the source of 300k figure.

BTW, I could be wrong but I don't think this is simply some annoying spam but rather some sort of hack that may hijack computers or forum systems or both.


Sorry for the late reaction. We banned the account and deleted the spam posts. The account was created before we restricted the forum to people with licenses and had remained dormant until now.

Thanks Martin and I'm glad to know it was not a new one.

Thanks @Martin. Good to know that the exposure has been removed. Any thought to periodically matching the forum accounts to your current licensees and removing any "sleeper"s?

Perhaps I'm just being paranoid ... but as they say: "Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you."