Website/Forum suggestion

Is it possible for you to change your Contact Us to Support on the menu? Or add a Support link to the menu? This would probably help alleviate some of the people posting on the forums that are asking for account related help that no one on the forums can help with. And would probably stop them from doing what the guy today did with posting his purchase information on the forum. Hate to see that happen because forums are all indexed by search engines and anything you post on them for personal info is then searchable by the public.

Thank you for the suggestion, Jo! We will add a note on top of the "Create New Topic" form informing people that the forum is not a place for support issues. While we are at it, we will also include a note about searching through the old topics before posting.

The forum is getting popular and hard to manage. I have recruited Gabby, one of our colleagues, to help out. You will be seeing her around from now on.

an additional suggestion: why don't you create a bootstrap (not bss) issues subforum so that user seeking help can post there. I often see people asking for help with html/bootrasp/jquery and not for problems using BSS.