website still cannot publish

what is going on with the publish?!?! it was ok yesterday, then today whole day cannot publish... does this forum even have admin? it seems like no one is answering some of the posts. my first post also no reply. This BSS customer service is really bad. I m regretting.

You do understand that this is Christmas time and things will be slow right? I think you need to back off and wait a few days for the holiday to be celebrated so those at BSS can enjoy it with their families too. I am sure that after the first of the year things will get back into the swing of things.

Or maybe try posts my in the big reports section....

As per jos comments the BSS devs are most likely taking a well earned break, so you may want to email them too.

alright, got 2 replies,...

can help me check if u guys can publish websites? cos mine cannot no matter how i try. even a simple new file also cannot. just wanna know if it is only me or happen to the rest also. thanks!

"Website publishing is not available" here too. It used to work a few days ago, but now there's a problem on their side. BTW, publishing is ONLY for uploading to their sponsored hosting, maybe what you need is to EXPORT your website to a folder and upload it to your hosting provider.

ya i know that, i just want to upload to the sponsored hosting as well... well since u also cannot publish then no choice just have to wait

Sorry that publishing your site didn't work! There was a problem with our backend because the feature is so new. This is now fixed and publishing should work. If it still fails, can you send your .bsdesign to hi [at]

Hello there please I am getting an error message "could not publish your website" when trying to publish one of your themes to see how it works. Need help.