Website to big to publish

Hey, I got a website fully compressed ready to launch but always appears the "To big error" , the website is already very small (less than 6 mb) but the bsdesign file alone is like 90mb, how can I turn that?

...please describe the steps you have taken in better detail so someone here can help.

delete unused images

Resize/Optimize your images also. How many images are you trying to add to the site?


hmm... Seems everyone thinks you have an image problem. I don't know why!? If I had a "To big error", I wouldn't have thought I had an image problem. Maybe another problem, or no problem at all, but certainly not an image problem.

Sorry, I can't help. Seems they want to make it smaller than "already very small". I'd run if I were you. Surely there's got to be a better way.

I have not used this tool...

proceed at your own risk.


The reason everyone is saying it's image size is because there's virtually no way that CSS, HTML and Javascript files, even on a very large site, could add up to 90mb. Since the only other things that BSS incorporates into the .bsdesign file are images, that basically means it has to be images. Individual HTML files are rarely larger than 100kb. One of the biggest sites I've ever built, which has hundreds of hi-res photos on it, is only about 80mb.

the pictures file is less than 5 mb, but the file.bsdesign is 88.8 mb and I totally don't know why, there's no way that css js and html files have that size

harddrive file corruption? some other error?

First off do not run scandisk as it can totally kill a drive. Do not delete any files. Make a disk image backup of everything.

Uninstall and reinstall BSS if you need to. Are you having any problems with any other software?

Next, start a totally new project from scratch using a blank or starting theme. Publish your theme as is and record the size. This is the start of your running total.

Take the size of your first image, add the size to your running total. Then add the picture to your site, and publish your site. Check your published site size against your running total. Keep adding pictures one-by-one until you have added all of your pictures. Somewhere along the way you will find the problem.

After the pictures and everything is ok, start making changes occasionally publishing and watching your site size.

Something has got to give or you might have drive issues. Remember, bad linking is bad linking. If you delete a file with linking problems, then the next file (or so) that you write to disk will inherit those linking problems.

If you find out you have system errors, sooner or later you will want to rebuild your system. Hopefully it's not a system error, because rebuilding a system (with all of the licensing) is a real pain.

Hopefully you can find your solution to the problem using incremental changes and monitoring the expected outcomes frequently.

Best wishes!

@Printninja I am suspecting PC issues. I think the bss design file is corrupt.

I have the same problem, my site is 62MB on my hard drive, how can that be too big?

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why is there an image limit size when I am publishing to my own server???

Is the problem limited to when you try publishing from within the program? How big is your img folder?

Have you tried to export your site and upload to your server using Filezilla? I’ve never had an issue doing it that way.