What Governs Font Size

The font size (under any media choice) is absolutely tiny on a page I am building in BS. When I set an overide in my styles.cc of, say, 20px, the font appears the correct size but as soon as I hit return it flashes and reverts back to 5px (approx.).

What is governing this font size? I thought the innermost element governed it and that naming a style in styles.css with the same name as something in Bootstrap.css would override the latter?

Is there a generic answer here or do I need to post code?

Many thanks.

achalk: Thank you for asking such a stupid question.

The answer, conveyed to me by my West Highland White Terrier, is that your STYLES.CSS is not 'visible' to the page you are building. Go to STYLES.CSS in Design pane->Styles and right click STYLES.CSS. From the context menu choose visibility. Click on the page name to make STYLES.CSS visible on that page.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider a career selling shoes.

LMAO very entertaining lol. Don't feel bad, you won't be the first or the last to do that, but grats to you for getting it worked out so quickly!