White space on scroll animation

Hello girls and guys. My website is easy to imagine i have a section(let's call it one) with a background image with an attachment set to fixed, and under that section i have another section(let's call it "two"), which i'd like to animate when i scroll down. I set the animation with an offset of 300 px, and it works, that's fine. But the thing is when i try it out, since i put an offset of 300px, there's a blank space between my section 1 and 2 until my animation is triggered and covers that white space. I'm a beginner in bootstrap studio and i don't know how to say : "instead of that white space, i'd like it to be transparent to be able to see the background of the first section being covered by the animation of the second section."

Thank you for your help.

How are you setting up the animations?

I don't really understand the question, i've already said everything but i can try to give you more details, The first section has a fixed background that without animations get covered by the background of the second section as i scroll down. What i want is the background of the second section, sliding up over the first section with an offset of 300px. But since there's an offset, there's a blank space of 300px which will be covered later on by the slide-up animation. But i want that blank space being transparent so it would show the background of the first section (fixed)

No, I mean how as in did you add a script or code manually or did you set these things through the settings on the Options area sidebar? It’s hard to help if we don’t know how you set up the animations.

If you can post your page, I could probably solve your problem in a few minutes.

Well, transparency is an easy thing. You click on the white square to the left of the color white and set the transparency.

Actually, I'm not being serious. What I do know is that anyone on this forum can help you. You haven't given us enough information to help you. ?

I don't know why you set a 300px offset, so I am assuming that's what you intended to do. I would replace the offset with a graphic and set the z-axis so both pictures slide together on top of it.

If you need an image to be transparent you can do that too. Post this somewhere with a link and anybody here can help. Are you trying to use Parallax? Anyway back to you.. ball's in your court.

You might even have this solved by now!