Whitespace in the middle when viewing in smartphone mode

Hello, When i am viewing my website in desktop mode,its fine. however, when i check it in smartphone and mobile mode it gives me a big white space in the middle. Please help. What would be causing this?

Most likely you have a lot of padding/margin/line breaks in something there that you didn't put any CSS Media Queries in for. You need to tell the browser using CSS Media Queries, how you want it to display in the various screen sizes.

Post a URL where we can see the site. It's impossible to diagnose your problem without seeing the code.

yacines.com/index2.html when you look at it on the desktop its fine. view it via mobile/smartphone/tablet and you will see what i mean. thanks

Jo, I did what you all suggested as far as building the site mobile first and it STILL has the big white space in the middle when you review. can you please help me and tell me what it could be. This would be my 4th rebuilding this and i dont know why its doing that.

You posted this in another thread here, and I explained what to do fix it. See the last comment. Your web address returns a 404 error now, so I can't check it.


@Printninja<br /> I truly truly truly apologize. That message wasn't meant for you. It was meant for @Jo. I am sorry, Your message was fine. Again, my apologies. Thx CCC3