Why is my media query always min-width ?

The media query is always min-width in my application. "Creating a Website with Bootstrap Studio (Tutorial)" video on Youtube creates a "max-width" code. I tried to change it but I could not. I start using this application today, so I am a beginner. Could you please help me to understand? ( I use Bootstrap 4 beta )

When you dive into building responsive webpage(s) with - html5 / css3 / java or bootstrap you soon enough going to come over a term called "mobile first" the idea to build pages for smaller viewports first then expand up to bigger screens (with @media-query or in bootstrap - col-md-6 or simular) and by doing so reduce the load on the phones, since a phone would skip over the "md" and above when reading the css, so when expanding upwards one would like to use the min-width of the next screen as a brakepoint to the css. but this is not a set rule though so one can easly go from big screen to smaler screen's and then use max-width of the next smaler screen.

in bootstrap 3.0 and bellow the "mobile first" rule wasent enforced to mutch , one had the option to do so though , in 4.0 it more enforced.

can you change it ? yup ofc - not sure if it's implemented in bootstrapstudio yet - but easly done in text-editor - like brakets, tweakstyle

You can also very easily adjust your media queries to your needs as well by adjusting them manually in your custom CSS file (usually copy and paste the original code to your custom css file).

There are times when I need to actually add other media queries to accommodate special image sizes and such for screens "over" a specific width as well. You just adjust the CSS as stated above to do this. Pretty simple process. BSS works pretty well for whatever you need as far as I can see :)