Why is the page title truncated?

In the main window where the page is displayed, at the top right corner of the window are the different viewport sizes, and immediately left of them is a drop-down menu where you can select which page you want to work on. For some reason, the title of the current page selected is truncated at around 20 characted to an ellipses (...)

This makes no sense. There is plenty of room to display a long page name. If you have a longer page name, you want to be able to see it, so you know at a glance what page you are working on. I often use longer names for my html files because there is some evidence that Google gives added weight to SERPs based on words in the file names.

The way BSS displays them truncated, they all look the same.

+1 I too find that with more than just that location. Many of the panes are truncated as well and even if you move the sliders over so there's a ton of space available for them to stretch out in full, they are still capped at a specific spot and truncated if they go further than that spot. Most of the panes are like that even. Would love to see the space used better and things like this not happen too.

Thanks for the suggestion! We'll fix this in our next release.