why there is space between navbar and slider?


I have dragged navbar and slider. Thats all and I have space in between them. Thats strange

Change the CSS to be what you want it to be. You'll need to most likely copy to your custom CSS page, the default file(s) that you want to edit. Then alter them how you want them.

what do i change? The only thing i feel is to reduce the margin. But even margins are 0 . This looks like a bug in application. I mean if i drag and drop navbar and sidebar, there shouldnt be a space in between them.

You'll need to look at the classes associated with each of the areas. Be sure that you are looking at the parent of the component so that you see all of the possible areas that may need adjusting. Keep in mind that these things are not just one solid structure, they are numerous aspects of a structure and the space could be caused by any of them. Find the part that causes it and change it. It is most definitely not a bug.