Wider Scrollbars

Could you add bigger and wider scrollbars, I find them very thin and hard to utilize?

The developers of BSS must have very good eyesight ;-)

And extremely good hand-eye coordination to grab them bars! lol.

You should have been here early to mid year last year (can't recall when I started using BSS sorry haha). It was half the size it is now even lol. I had to ask then too, but I wouldn't mind seeing them just a little wider myself either, would be even easier to mess with them if they were.

Thanks for starting this discussion! As @Jo mentioned, sidebars were indeed narrower in early releases of the app and we made them bigger thanks to her feedback.

Making them wider than they are now would make the app look clunky, but we can make it so that you can drag and click them when you are some distance away from them. In other words, we can make them wider, but they will look as they do now. What do you think?

I personally think they are fine as they are.

I think that as long as the "making the clickable area wider" doesn't mess with the code in the window (in other words, making sure that the editable area isn't within that clickable area for the scroll bars), then that would be good enough for me. They are "ok" as they are now, but could be much easier to grab than they are now in my opinion.