Width bug on mobile

Hi, I would like some help to understand why my site doesn’t fit correctly to the screen of an iPhone X (example).

As you can see in the image below, the footer is not 100% of the screen width and the other elements are not centered.

It’s not a browser bug, it looks exactly the same on mobile.

My website: www.rogerwindberg.dev

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I would say that something (one of the top elements) is actually over 100% width or has some margin problems, you will probably find that you can scroll the page horizontally.

It looks like the content in the has a minimum-width set which is causing the “Anny” and “Gomes & Bilencourt” divs/containers to be too big. Coupled with the 100% width style attribute on the tag might be causing it to look like this instead of overflowing on the x-axis.