Wizard in Asp.net using bootstrap

Hello all,

I am new to bootstrap though have some basic knowledge. I am working on an assignment where i am required to create a wizard in asp.net using bootstrap. I use google and made it .However, i noticed the buttons use are not asp buttons and thus, causing me trouble to proceed. Any advise to get it resolved shall be thankful .

I don't know asp.net so can't really help you. As well as I don't think there's really enough info in your question to try to help.

But. I'm hoping this might help if you look at the excepted answer, the one with the big green checkmark, maybe it's what your looking for help with?


I hope that can help you


Here's another possible option for you https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26132763/bootstrap-on-asp-net-button

Or even this which might be the same as my first post but maybe it's easier for you to see what they suggest to do.



thanks but i found solution in asp.net wizard itself. I have applied bootstrap into asp.net wizard that solves my problem.

Good know :)