WordPress support in Bootstrap Studio? [Rejected]

Theres no need in separating anything. Optimizing electron apps and overall any apps can be sometimes tricky, but look at discord for an example, theyre adding more and more and nothing bad happens cause they know how to optimize it to constantly grow, theres no need for separation.

I started with bootstrap studio without any knowledge about html css js etc. I was growing with bootstrap studio during last 4 years, but I’m much ahead of it cause currently I’m working with react and other tools, but still pretty often there are projects that don’t really need those fancy/more advanced tools or frameworks and bootstrap studio shines then, but its hard for me since i feel like being limited and going back for no reason i love this tool too much to leave it from day to day.

My the most needed/wanted implementations into bootstrap studio are:

  • Native Typescript support inside bootstrap studio, so I don’t have to do tricky ways of writing ts in bss projects
  • Php/wordpress integration to be able to make more fullstack)dynamic projects (nothing fancy, but simply letting us somehow implement php code or sum inside bss like special php pages files or sum and it would change the way how u make the web project, so it wouldn’t bother more casual users and wouldnt drop down the performance at all
  • GSAP if possible built into bootstrap, it would allow to make beautiful animations and making gsap animations is not that hard at all, simple api

Theres much more of smaller/bigger features i would like to see in bss being implemented. Im bored of static websites, so as i have said its hard for me to use bss so often. Last time i used it for my portfolio website with gsap, tailwind and vue inside bss was tricky to setup tailwind, but was working well afterwards :slight_smile: and ye this is problem only if u don’t really have targeted any type of users. Theres no better tool than bss atm and i see huge potential in it to grow. I like how open pinegrow is with built-in tools and is not limiting the usage and users of it, the only problem for me is the ui/ux greedy subscription plans. Bss got the most clean and simple ui while its still hella powerful and it only grows.

I loved this idea!
If I may make a suggestion, it would be very interesting to be able to import WP themes and convert them to BSS as well.

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I respectfully disagree. I’ve seen a number of programs end up imploding because of poor choices by the developers trying to cater to the desires of users. Quark Xpress and FInal Cut pro are two examples.

I would like this very much. At the moment I have to do occasional WP theme creation by designing in BSS and creating the WP theme from this manually.

When you think about converting a file to wordpress, it would be as simple as creating an index.php header.php footer.php sidebar.php and functions.php as well as a wordpress theme css file, so I wouldn’t think that it would add anything to the actual running of bss, just a function that would be maybe linked to export. So I don’t think it will cause any bloat to the system in anyway.


Hello Team,

Yes the feature is verry needed for me, i am developper fullstack and i use your tool for made all of my themes homemade (i have make my own core and my own system) the design is made with BSS and i add my core with this :wink:

example : https://altitude-dev.com/

Have a nice day.

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I’m using Bootstrap Studio for a long time to develop Wordpress Themes.

Actually I have to export my project and manually split my code in Wordpress structure (header, footer, page, single-pags, template-parts, loops, …)

If it’s possible faster it sounds great for me.


Same for me :wink: i made my own core WP and export the design from BSS to WP :wink:


Nice job! Here is an example of one of my projects made with BSS and after exported to Wordpress: https://nikn.com.br/


Especially for me this functionality will be great, now I have to code with an external contractor the themes for wordpress no matter how simple they are. This functionality would be great for me!

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That looks great!
In addition to being able to more easily serve customers who want a wordpress site, we can also create and even sell WordPress site themes and templates, increasing our market and clientele.

I’ve been working solely with WordPress for the last 4 years or so now, both creating and / or maintaining websites for clients in that time. I currently manage over 100 clients in total, 50 or so of them are websites I have created myself using various tools.

Templates as people knew them 3 or 4 years ago are a thing of the past. Using tools like Elementor, Divi and even Gutenberg, you can create stunning visuals with just a blank theme to begin with.

I can’t see how BSS makes that easier, or more importantly why you would would want to use BSS to create a theme when the tools above are both better and more extendable.

For the record, I am looking at ditching WP in favour for static site creation for numerous reasons, but the WP scene is already overcrowded with tools that don’t offer anything new, so unless the WP addition to BSS was a significant change in what is already available, I think your guys would be seriously wasting your time.

I use WordPress in developing info and e-commerce sites.

This is great if it pushes through. Because currently, I do WP-theming conversion manually.

Currently, I use bootstrap studio with templatetoaster (proprietary software).

Templatetoaster alone is awful. Awful I say because the generated style.css has messy coding.

Other cons for BSS:

  • WordPress powers 37% of all websites and 62% of CMS sites alone. So in terms of sales/marketing BSS can gain more users.

4 years and u clearly know nothing what ure talking about over heya lmao. Elementor is boilerplate slow ass solution also creating ui using it is terribly bad comparing to flawless bss way so no…they wouldnt waste any time at all xd.

I’d like to also point out to @SimonG1976 and any others that might be misunderstanding what they are asking us about.

A template maker is not something you make a website in, it’s only going to make you a template so you can upload that to WordPress to have the look and structure you want. All the rest will still need to be done in Wordpress, so if you’re thinking it’s going to be a WordPress Builder, that’s not the case, or at least that’s not what they are proposing to do right now.

So, having said that @SimonG1976, I only know of one other app that does this (I’m sure there are more, but I only know of Pinegrow) so there isn’t a lot of competition out there for this. It’s not like a lot of the other “tools” do this and there’s not much you can do “more” than any other template maker other than make it easier to work with.

Just clarifying that in case you were thinking there was more to it.

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My point was that with the visual builders available to WordPress, you don’t need themes / templates any more, so I struggle to see how a BSS theme is going to be of any real use.

I can create the look and style I want in Elementor / Gutenberg etc now, so what benefit would doing the same with BSS have ?

Genuinely interested.

Elementor and Divi page builders are terrible in performance, you need to buy plugins to make them perform.

Those page builders are bloated, nested divs are a mess.

Visual builders in WordPress only “edit” a theme that you choose from their site or whatever place you might get one or buy one. They don’t “build” a Wordpress theme at all, just edit the existing ones.

What BSS will do is allow you to create your site look however you want it to be, and make that into a WordPress theme. It will allow you to edit that original theme project (I am guessing here) in BSS should you decide you want to change it (no need to use WP bloated builders to do that, and yes, as @clickryan has already said, they are atrociously crafted in WP.

What you’ll use the internal builders in WP for then is to just add your content.

This gives you the freedom to have your site look anyway you like rather than being restricted to the base structure of an existing theme. Hopefully that explains it better.

Out of curiosity (and a desire to learn), I’d like to know just what it is about Wordpress that people find so appealing?"

To clarify some incorrect info here, you can create a ‘theme’ with Elementor, Divi and Gutenberg, giving you full control over the sites aesthetics. They are not just for adding content as someone above said.

Admittedly, Elementor and Divi are bloated and produce terrible code (I stopped using Elementor last year but still support clients who use it), but you can create a site and all it’s parts from a blank template (just as you would with BSS).

Gutenberg is maturing and can be used to do similar without the bloat. GeneratePress for example is a renowned and well respected theme / block addon for WP that allows full site creation via Gutenberg and produces clean non bloated code. There are others too.

And why do people like WP?

The ability to extend it without needing to know code is the real appeal. forms, e-commerce, membership systems, booking systems etc etc, that integrate with each other.

That’s the appeal.