WordPress support in Bootstrap Studio?

Thanks for that. Really helpful. I will investigate your suggestions further. Much appreciated.
Oh, and you are the first official member of the BSS Stan Club

Perhaps many will speak out against it, but I will try to explain well the idea I had, in fact there are two:

1 - PHP Studio;
2 - BSS with PHP Support…

PHP Studio would be a new program, capable of importing BSS projects and converting them to a php project, with all the resources used today in programs like Mampp, Xampp, Wampp, etc…

BSS with PHP Support, it would be to create a PHP support with the same resources mentioned above, exempo, phpMyAdmin, MySql and Apache.

In both cases, the bootstrap framework would be used to create the projects.

And what’s the advantage of that?

Website administrative panel;
Possibility to create dynamic projects;
Unique projects in PHP using what we already have in BSS;
Offer our customers a lighter option with pretty much the same features as WordPress today.

I particularly hate WordPress, extremely heavy, it needs plugins, which when they are really good, the best version is the paid one, among other infinite disadvantages in my opinion.

In addition, in both cases we could even create websites with a system equivalent to a CMS.


It’s a fine idea, but the developers have explained numerous times in other posts why it’s not feasible to add back end coding features to Bootstrap Studio.

What you’re describing is basically the program Wappler. It’s $400 a year.


:no_mouth::scream::face_with_peeking_eye:In this case it’s better to stick to vs code and Xampp anyway.

I HATE php, there I said it. The utility of BSS allows focus on the front-end. The integration with WP is at my limit of which I would support anything to do with php. Oh and I hate php.

WP integration makes sense only because they are addressing the same issue front-end web development. Oh in case I haven’t been clear, I hate php.

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Nice day everyone… I am Rommel from the Philippines and I am just new here. I would also like to vote for Wordpress integration because I use Wordpress. I believe that having the ability to create a WP theme inside Bootstrap Studio is really an amazing feature that will allow us or give us 100% design control over the themes that we will create. Also since the themes created in BSS will not be plugin-dependent, using these themes will produce fast and leaner websites. I hope though that BSS-WP themes will support ACF and the Gutenberg pagebuilder.


I do agree with Jo-r, you’ve made an impressive software with a vision. Thank you for BSS !


It is very good idea! Will be very useful!

No worries if this will not happen. Bootstrap Studio + underscores or wprig = :hearts:

YES, this feature will be a nice addition to the Studio. please go ahead and get some owesomness to Wordpress.

if u can careate cms stand alone for bootstrapstudio it work

I remember Martin saying NEVER to PHP support in any way not even to export to a PHP. PHP files to add - #30 by martin

Sounds like one of our politicians, (NEVER NEVER NEVER)

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait :slight_smile:

Adding Wordpress support to BBS is not the same as adding PHP support.

What the BSS devs are talking about is offering a way to visually create/edit the elements of a Wordpress theme and export it so it can be used in an existing Wordpress installation. Like other websites, Wordpress uses HTML and CSS for their themes, and many Wordpress themes are built on Bootstrap.

Turning BSS into a dynamic website builder that writes PHP code or handles MySQL database management would basically require creating a new program from the ground up, and I seriously doubt they could (or would) sell something like that for $65.

The only stand-alone website software I know of that allows you to create database-driven websites is Wappler, and their most basic plan is $600 a year. Pinegrow, which is a $100 a year, has a optional version that allows you to build Wordpress themes and that costs an extra $50 a year.

You’re totally wrong. They’re using grapes and node allows for everything what you want to, so no… But the effort would block for REALLY long time bss standards updates, so I don’t really think that they will focus on it too much atm. I think they will implement wp theme support, and will focus mainly on expanding Reflow cause it seems like theirs goal, but I really would like to see more inplementations like Reflow to bss toolbox

If it’s so easy, why don’t you do it?

My point was that you’re saying that it’s impossible to do it in the tech stack they’re using and that is totally wrong. You’re also assuming that they would have to make a new soft from the ground cause in the current state it’s impossible to do what we’re talking about in this thread and that’s also wrong. The key is that implementing it to the ecosystem that bss have made during all those years is totally against the goal of this software, but it doesn’t means that it’s not impossible or theres some “wall” thats impossible to pass it. There are needs and expectations and BSS have built community around freelancers, no-code and WYSIWYG ppl and most of the community cant really code, but as you can clearly see theres alot of ppl wanting atleast some php integration or wordpress theme etc. Martin said there wont be anything for backend, but u never know if ppl will expect it for longer time maybe Martin will change the goals of BSS. I just expect some less restriction from this software cause I would like to support this community, but currently I cant really do it.

As I have said they will prolly focus on solutions like Reflow etc and maybe will implement some wp theme support (eventually).

You really need to read :eyes: things more carefully because you’re putting words in my mouth. I never once used the word “impossible.” I never wrote that it was impossible to add some type of Wordpress support, and I never wrote that it was impossible to create a dynamic website builder using the language that BSS is written in.

I wrote that turning BSS into a dynamic website builder would…

If you don’t believe that, I suggest you ask Martin why they don’t simply turn BSS into a dynamic website builder with the next major update and put Wordpress out of commission.

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It is a good bet, from the point of view of the market, it would attract clients who want to develop their own themes in Wordpress, I also think that the support would be a little hell and in those things you have to think, likewise, all the contribution of tools and solutions is welcome.
Personally I don’t use Wordpress but it would be interesting, bootstrap attracts me for its good practices in frontend development!
Among so many ideas I had a crazy one that could include being able to use other frameworks apart from bootstrap since they have part of the work done, it could well be Tailwind or another new trend perhaps…
but it would no longer be called Bootstrap Studio but Framework studio… maybe they could have a parallel project or just the ultimate version hahahaha… drinking a lot of coffee makes me think about those things…
As for the Online library, it has to be debugged in some way and put the new publications in alpha until a number of users determine by voting if it is useful, not necessarily delete them out of respect for the developers but it is important personally to be able to find useful ideas quickly, then I will put my ideas on the simple things that can be done.
I consider Bootstrap Studio to be the best experience that can happen to a developer.


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If you make export to wordpress theme from Bootstrap Studio, you do the best increase sales to 500%.


Is there any update on this proposal?