WordPress support in Bootstrap Studio?

There is always someone who pays. In your own case, you pay for them with your time, your skill and your energy. But not all developers are able to pay for the other, because they have their own charges, their own difficulties and constraints. Another angle than the one from which you see would be to say that doing things for free, you kill the value of a profession. There’re a lot of salaried dev doing the things for free, but they are not aware that helping one they ruin the perspectives of another one (another one that is not salaried). And they put the idea in the head of people that software cost nothing!

It’s a non profit/charity. They can’t pay. Donating time as a dev does not ‘kill’ the value of the profession or give the impression that is free any more than a lawyer working pro bono.

There’s charity and charity, small associations and big NGO (some generating big profits even if they say there’re non profit ones – I talk by experience, I did a lot like you before I understand ; when I was younger)… But we can have different opinions. You have mine, I have yours and the earth continues to turn. On my side – to re-center to BSS – I’m against any CMS… But it depends if the BSS Team wants to target professional dev or everybody. Outside of my scope, of course, but I’m here to express my voice as user. So, I use this opportunity.

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I have a many non-profit clients and they have all paid except for the 2 I offered to do a website for. Non-Profit does not me “no money” it means the business doesn’t keep money piling up in the bank each year and it has to be spent on the business and/or the few employees it may involve. They are not allowed to “make” money as a profit, doesn’t mean they don’t get money from many donors etc.

Charity is something the developer decides to do, not the client.

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I love this idea. i’m waiting for it.


There are enough good wordpress WYSIWYG editors on the market. Consider adding node.js/react support instead so that bootstrap studio could enable backend developers to work without the help of frontend dev. If you even added node support this tool would be one of a kind and I’d gladly buy nodejs extension for bootstrap studio for another 50 dollars


@freelanceguy I mean…I would be glad, but I think its not that needed. You can run server in node separately…for an example im making my express server with pug separately in vsc and i run it and im interacting with it inside bss by using htmx and im rendering templates and doing other things. I would like to see any backend support, but Martin already said something like “no” to that idea, sadly.

React support will never happen and its really bad idea. You can use vue inside bss or alpine as i do. Bss never ever been meant to support ui frameworks or libs and this is too much, bss always been meant to be more intuitive tool and welcome more newbies users to it, thats why i would like to see integrating tools like gsap inside bss cause it would make the tool much more powerful, but idk about the license.

Anyways i have hope bss will get any backend integration even a small one to start with also i would be glad to see support for ts files in bss, but i see small chances for it aswell…

I wouldn’t take your experiences and unilaterally apply them to all non profits and charities. You don’t know which group I’m helping and you don’t know their financial situation.

lol is this still going on? Seriously, it’s not rocket science. You want to do charity for someone then do it, you don’t, you don’t. Simple as that. That is completely and 100% your own decision not ours. I’m done on this one though I think it’s been covered quite thoroughly lol.

Is there any way to run a poll o this question?
I think most people seem to be in favour of this idea.
Until this happens, is there any simple way to add blogging functionality to a BSS website?
I’ve looked at contentful, strapi & storybook. All seem like they have quite a bit of a learning curve, that I don’t have time for atm.
Don’t want to really use another website builder, becoming a bit of a BSS stan

I actually complete the design phase in BSS and then convert it to a theme for a static site generator. I typically use Pelican or Hugo. Slicing up a theme is fairly easy IMO.

For a time I was using a Forestry.io for clients but I am in the process of changing them over to Front Matter Headless CMS for Visual Studio Code.

I have already reached stan level and so should you too :wink:


Thanks for that. Really helpful. I will investigate your suggestions further. Much appreciated.
Oh, and you are the first official member of the BSS Stan Club

Perhaps many will speak out against it, but I will try to explain well the idea I had, in fact there are two:

1 - PHP Studio;
2 - BSS with PHP Support…

PHP Studio would be a new program, capable of importing BSS projects and converting them to a php project, with all the resources used today in programs like Mampp, Xampp, Wampp, etc…

BSS with PHP Support, it would be to create a PHP support with the same resources mentioned above, exempo, phpMyAdmin, MySql and Apache.

In both cases, the bootstrap framework would be used to create the projects.

And what’s the advantage of that?

Website administrative panel;
Possibility to create dynamic projects;
Unique projects in PHP using what we already have in BSS;
Offer our customers a lighter option with pretty much the same features as WordPress today.

I particularly hate WordPress, extremely heavy, it needs plugins, which when they are really good, the best version is the paid one, among other infinite disadvantages in my opinion.

In addition, in both cases we could even create websites with a system equivalent to a CMS.


It’s a fine idea, but the developers have explained numerous times in other posts why it’s not feasible to add back end coding features to Bootstrap Studio.

What you’re describing is basically the program Wappler. It’s $400 a year.


:no_mouth::scream::face_with_peeking_eye:In this case it’s better to stick to vs code and Xampp anyway.

I HATE php, there I said it. The utility of BSS allows focus on the front-end. The integration with WP is at my limit of which I would support anything to do with php. Oh and I hate php.

WP integration makes sense only because they are addressing the same issue front-end web development. Oh in case I haven’t been clear, I hate php.

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Nice day everyone… I am Rommel from the Philippines and I am just new here. I would also like to vote for Wordpress integration because I use Wordpress. I believe that having the ability to create a WP theme inside Bootstrap Studio is really an amazing feature that will allow us or give us 100% design control over the themes that we will create. Also since the themes created in BSS will not be plugin-dependent, using these themes will produce fast and leaner websites. I hope though that BSS-WP themes will support ACF and the Gutenberg pagebuilder.


I do agree with Jo-r, you’ve made an impressive software with a vision. Thank you for BSS !


It is very good idea! Will be very useful!

No worries if this will not happen. Bootstrap Studio + underscores or wprig = :hearts: