work on a project on two computers

To transport a project between two computers or operating systems, simply copy and paste the project.?

If I do this, it asks me again to enter the product key.

Is there any better way to do it. (without using version control)

How do you do it?

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you're allowed to install BSS on 3 computers (full paid license) belonging to you. Or just one for the free student license. So just copy the .bsdesing to your other computer and work from there. See

You can save it in the cloud, or send it via email. But first, you need to install BSS on your computer.

Thanks for Your reply.

But you not answer my question...

I have 1 desktop computers and a laptop in both I use Windows 10 and Ubuntu well I start a project on one computer and I want to continue using it on the other. When I tried to copy the folder to another computer, he asked me to introduce the license again, hence the question how can I share a project.

I think I explained myself well.

Thanks in avance.


Thank you.

I consider the issue resolved.


Just in case anyone else is wondering how to do this:

The BSS app will need to be "installed", not copied, on all locations you want to work on it.<br /> Your project files are what you want to save in the cloud, or copy the project files to a flash drive each time to go back and forth.