wrong link path

https://www.maryundsteffen.de/foto/richard.html If you go to this site and klick on the logo or other menu links the link path is wrong. The footer does not have this problem. So if you click on "Portfolio" this link appears: https://www.maryundsteffen.de/foto/Portfolio.html the right one should be: https://www.maryundsteffen.de/Portfolio.html I exported the site from bootstrap, if i use the bootstrap preview function everything works fine.

You can change these paths when selecting them in bootstrap studio. At the right, in the options menu you should be able to see the pages it links to, and change them. ;-)

the links are right, if you are on the index.html - https://www.maryundsteffen.de/ - and click on portfolio everything works fine but if you are on any picture site like this one - https://www.maryundsteffen.de/foto/mallorca.html - and then click on portfolio it does not work. the header is a linked in bootstrap so the links should be the same.

If you choose the URL from the Link options dropdown and find the page to want to link to that will fix the issue you are having.

Actually I dont think you can do a linked menu on your sub folders using relative links.

Try using absolute links everywhere.... like


instead of


The thing is it worked a few versions before but i dont have a copy of them, and if i am using the preview funktion everything workes fine only the exported files have a problem

If the links in the footer are right, then you need to move your pages out of the folder. Why do you have them in a folder if you're using relative links in places to them?

Move them out of the folder and into the main directory and that will fix it. THEN do what Twinstream is suggesting and remap your links so they no longer point to sub folders.

Basically, you can't have them both as sub folders and not unless you are duplicating the pages to do so, which would be silly.