XS size CSS rearrange & Selecting issues. Mac Version

Let me start by saying the selecting issues are not 100% all the time, they seem to happen after the app has been running for a while.

What happens is I litterally cannot select anything other than the outer container/col/etc. Cannot select anything within it unless I use the Overview Tree or the Tags at the top of the right panels. This is spuratic, but happens very often. Been doing it a very long time and I “think” (don’t quote me on it, I can’t remember lol) that I reported it quite a long time ago, but it’s always done it for me.

The one I can reproduce 100% of the time in both BS3, 4 and 5 (yeah I use 3 and 4 still on some clients) is that when I have the preview window set to XS viewing size, I cannot drag to rearrange any CSS custom classes in my CSS window. Well to be more precise I can pick them up and looks like I’m dragging it, but it won’t let me drop it and the blue line that shows up between classes is the add CSS line not the move line.
This is only in XS size, I checked the others and it seems fine on those.

Specs: Mac Mini running MacOS Big Sur