2nd row in thead

This is a duplication of a question in 2018. Is there any progress on this?

This is still not allowed in bootstrapstudio:
< table id = “example” >
< thead >
< tr >
< th rowspan = “2” >Name</ th >
< th colspan = “2” >HR Information</ th >
< th colspan = “3” >Contact</ th >
</ tr >
< tr >
< th >Position</ th >
< th >Salary</ th >
< th >Office</ th >
< th >Extn.</ th >
< th >E-mail</ th >
</ tr >
</ thead >



In BSS you can do it in the tableBody like this

Thanks for this quick answer. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in “datatables”. Why does BSS deny to add a 2nd row to theader, although it’s allowed in the standard html?


If you don’t want to use a custom code block, then you can make the header looks like two rows. I updated the link above have a look

Not on purpose, I think. It was simply set in this way in the properties of this component. Also the controls within the application for adding new rows and columns only pay attention to the first occurrence. But it should be feasible to adapt this behavior to the W3C standard. Besides multiple rows in thead, multiple tbody elements are also allowed. In case a developer is reading along here and adds it to the list. :wink:

Here you can find a component that at least removes the copy and duplicate restrictions, so it is possible to have multiple elements. :point_right: BetterTable.bscomp Maybe this already helps.

Dani, this is straight forward and solves my issues 100%. Thanks Juergen