3 versions of Bootstrap Studio

When I unpacked archive with program I got 3 versions of bootstrap studio. What's the difference between them? Here's a screenshot: https://imgur.com/tjPhAsN

There is no difference... unpacked an archive? I would say they are all bootleg copies that are missing full functionality, plus the support of the developers and the forum.

Is it really worth it? I would rather spend $60 and have the full support of the devs and forum for life.

And you can never know if BSS will go to a subscription model or not.

Along with the deal is free hosting for 5 websites and 10 emails. I think you are really missing out by not spending the money and not supporting the devs.

Well said PRllc, I'm in your camp -- and I own, and have used, several website development programs - value for money BSS wins hands down. Mind you other programs do have their strengths -- Mobirise, for those who know absolutely nothing about the web, and who want to keep it that way - woe betide you if you want to do some programming for Mobirise - you'll have to pay more for their seriously limited "Code Editor" - and NO hosting; Pinegrow -- which will grow as far as you do, but has a hellishly steep learning curve if you're starting off from absolute scratch; CoffeeCup - unhelpful forums -- I was banned from their forums for repeatedly pointing out the total waste of money 90% of their software is, and which has only now received a usably friendly UI "version" - really a point release which should have been made available a loooong time ago, for nothing - and no real catering to custom code

Value for money, bang for buck, BSS is THE ONLY way to go.

Anyway, too bad for you... I smell a virus.

There never was a Bootstrap Studio 3, and Bootstrap 4 was published on November 1, 2017 at 5:35 pm.

What was that? Like 1 year and 9 months ago? Ante up and get on board.

You're really missing the best mobile-first responsive website front-end designer with an included complete CSS & JavaScript integrated editor.

I'm curious how Stan registered here. Shouldn't a verified email be used in order to gain access to the forums?

Hey guys! I think you jumped to a conclusion a bit quickly. @Esenden does own a license, which is why he has been able to register here.

I think that this issue could be something simple as extracting the archive more than once without noticing, in which case macOS renames the contents.

@esenden My sincere apologies... I am on a Windows box and I have not seen these strange goings on before.

It would appear then that again there are no differences between the installs. However, I don't know why you would want to keep all three of them.

This does open the question (at least on a mac) of being able to make changes with multiple views.

If (for any reason) you run more than one at the same time [if that's even possible] I would disable autosave on everything.

Of course, the proper thing to do is delete Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 and just use Bootstrap (without any number).

If these are just copies of installers, however, I don't think you have to do anything, as each installer will complete the same install process.

Again, my sincere apologies and glad to have you on board.

I started out programming on a Mac years ago, but I haven't been on a Mac since the days of the Mac II and the Apple IIe (I know - - ancient!).

Perhaps someone whois current on a Mac can help. Or, perhaps I have answered your question.

On a Win box all installs come as executables. Most illicit copies are circulated as *.rar archives (my assumption), hence the rabbit trail.

Kind of a very rude welcome to the forum to say the least. I think I have learned something, at least on the Mac side of things.

If you need any help, please don't be afraid to ask. And don't be afraid to stand on your own two feet and tell us we're wrong. It's all part of being human.

@martin Thank you for the update on this.

This is the first time I have eaten crow. It doesn't taste good at all, especially all the feathers.

Hey guys. I don't speak English so well, but I don't understand why are getting apologizes for me and why are you thinking that I have not a license Lol. I've bought license. Got a link with an archive from bootstrap studio team, downloaded it. And that what im excatly asking for). Thank you @Martin for explanation. Now I checked an archive and it was my mistake. I dropped bootstrap studio to the application folder for 3 times.

and I already used bootstrap studio. Made a landing. And why I've bought 1 year license. I bought it to try this tool. And Im gonna upgrade it to the lifetime license.

Welcome to the crazy house Esenden :P

Well, the "rule" for forum participants to have a registered copy of BSS doesn't apply to all web tools, so .... and since at least some of us here don't subscribe to the "football mentality" wrt the forum you might be able to understand the attitudes of those who get assertive about the qualities / features of this app - but then again, Foundation is a great alternative to Bootstrap for developing some types / styles of site ;-D "football mentality" - it's my app / team, and I'll support it no matter what, against allcomers, and I'll punch out those who aren't fans of my team - like so many on the Mobirise forums in particular


And you can never know if BSS will go to a subscription model or not.

Shhh! Bite your tongue!

I know nothing!