360° image/video with click and drag function

So I'm thinking of displaying one or two 360° media files on the Portfolio section in Freelancer theme to show one part of my skill set. I found the Modal and linked a 2000x1000 pixels, 249KB 360° image that was compressed from a 7.1MB image I took for a client. Is there an add-on or coding I need so that I can host that image myself with the Pan (click and drag) function without embedding from another website?

If it won't affect responsiveness of the page so much, would it also be possible to play a 360° video as well in the Modal?

For a panorama image you might use this...





Hi how are you doing? Did you manage to incorporate the 360 ° image or video, share how did you do it? please

Hi, I didn’t manage to get a-frame working on my old site because I wanted to embed them into a Modal and wasn’t able to figure it out so I dropped the 360 idea altogether. But I looked them up at the time and it seemed to be possible. Goodluck. :muscle: