4.2.1 not exporting Fonts again :/

Not much else to say on it, just not getting the fonts folder on export again.

Mac version MacOS High Sierra

Ok so I'm wondering something here and it could be that is what the situation is. If I don't have any font icons in use, will it not export a font folder then? If that's the case then that's probably what happened, because I just exported another site, that I know has font icons in it, and it 'did' export the Fonts folder. So ... maybe this isn't a bug after all and it's working as intended?

Thank you for reporting this, Jo! You are correct, this is intended behavior. The app skips empty folders and doesn't export them.

Thanks Gabriela, I hadn't thought of that before yesterday, even when it did it to me last time. Not sure why, but before the previous update it "was" exporting a fonts folder always, which is why it confused me ... guess now it's set how it should be and I can breathe easy knowing that! :)