4.4.4 / generate sitemap.xml / export script

It seems that the export script is run before the sitemap.xml file is generated. Which of course makes it impossible to alter the sitemap.xml file from the script. I need to change the sitemap.xml file because I have to rename my files from "...html" to "...html.de" etc. to use Apaches multi-views for different languages.

So I would like to see two things fixed:

  1. Allow filenames for pages of any form and don't implicitly use a fixed and forced ".html" extension. This is an artificial limitation.
  2. Run the export script only after ALL files etc. have been generated.

Sorry for taking so long to reply!

  1. Thanks for this suggestion. We will investigate whether changing extensions would be possible. It can cause a lot of problems potentially.
  2. This should work. Make sure that your script enters the correct export directory by doing a cd $1 at the beginning (if you're using bash).

Hope this helps!

sitemap.xml: Doesn't work at the moment. The sitemap file seems to be generated after the script is run.

Sorry for the lack of replies - we're busy finishing the upcoming release.

The export script is supposed to run after all files have been written, so we could be looking at some bug. Can you try adding a sleep statement in your script? This will pause execution and give time for the sitemap to show up. Something like this:


cd $1
sleep 1 # Pauses execution for 1 second
# Do something with your sitemap file here.

Ok, so this was a false alarm from my side. The problem was that for one command I didn't use the $1 path.

How about doing an implicit: cd $1 because IMO that's what most people need in 99% of all cases...